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Pushyami Gottipati

Smt. Pushyami Gottipati is the Artistic Director of Sri Kuchipudi Nrityalaya. Pushyami's interest in classical dance was cultivated by her mother, who is an accomplished performer herself. Pushyami credits her mother to impart in her the essence of divinity embedded within the classical dance. Pushyami began training under the able guidance of Smt. Sumitra Parthasarathy at the age of 6.She is immensely fortunate to have been trained by renowned Gurus, Padmasri Dr. Sobha Naidu, Padmabhushan Dr.Vempati China Satyam and his disciple Manju Hemamalini.

She has performed at many major sabhas, conventions and festivals all over India and in the US. At age 16 she accompanied her Guru Sobha Naidu garu in her US tour.

Pushyami has made her mark in this field with her abhinaya, grace and flawless sense of rythm. She is an excellent teacher , choreographer and a performer.She has won many accolades for her novel thematic presentations. Smt. Pushyami believes dance is a medium for oneself to connect to the cosmic energy and experience the eternal bliss. Pushyami yearns to serve Kuchipudi , the passion of her life, by nurturing youngsters, the budding dancers who love Indian cultural heritage and classical dance tradition. Presently, she devotes all her time and energy to fulfil this noble cause and aspires to hand over the baton to those willing to preserve the richness of this divine art form in all its glory.

She holds a Masters degree in Computer science and is currently pursuing Masters in Kuchipudi.