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Swathi Srinivas Kandadai

Smt. Swathi Kandadai and Shri. Srinivas Kandadai, Artistic Directors of Samskrithi Art Academy are passionate Gurus and innovative choreographers in the classical dance form- Kuchipudi. They are prime disciples of Padmashree Dr.Sobha Naidu.

With a vision to promote and propagate Kuchipudi, they have founded Samskrithi Art Academy. Following the tradition of GuruShishya parampara, they have produced talented students for the past 14 years. Samskrithi believes in hard work, dedication and perseverance.

Smt. Swathi Kandadai started learning this great art form at the age of 5 under the able guidance of Guru Dr. Sobha Naidu. She was the first disciple to earn Gold medal from her Guru’s academy. She is the recipient of prestigious National Dance Scholarship from Indian government.  Smt. Swathi Kandadai holds Masters degree in dance from Hyderabad Central University (1994) with specialization in Kuchipudi.

Smt. Swathi Kandadai has given more than 1000 performances and earned esteemed titles like “Natya Mayuri” & “Natya Visharada”. She performed at various Sabhas and festivals like “The Soorya Festival”, “Kalidas Samaroh” to name a few.

She feels lucky and blessed to be chosen to play lead roles like Shri Maha Vishnu, Sri Krishna, Radha, Arjuna, Shiva, Lakshmi, Parvathi and Chandalika along with her Guru in prestigious ballets like “Kalyana Srinivasam”, “Sri Krishna Saranam  Mama “, “Shri Krishna parijatam”, “Vipranarayana” , “Chandalika” and many more.

Srinivas Kandadai is one of the favorite disciples of Padmasri Dr. Shobha Naidu. With great love and passion for Kuchipudi, he started his training under Padmashree Dr.Sobha Naidu. For more than 18 years, he traveled all over India along with his Guru participating in a wide variety of dance ballets enthralling the audiences. His joy doubled when he received best student award from his beloved Guru. Throughout this journey he received many accolades while pursuing his Masters degree in computer Applications.

Samskrithi Art Academy has trained many students in the last decade and performed at different occasions and festivals conducted by Tana, ATA, CATS and many other associations. One of the honors that Samskrithi’s students received was that they were the only group selected to perform at the Indian Embassy, Washington DC for Diwali celebrations.

Smt. Swathi and Srinivas Kandadai are committed to the promotion, education and propagation of Kuchipudi dance.